About Me

I am sunny luthra, a full stack developer who knows html, js, css, angular, ember, PHP, nodejs, WordPress, redis, elasticsearch(newbie), MySql, nginx, ionicframework(hybrid mobile app), Fundamentals of REST API and couple of other things.

I like to work on interesting projects and communicate with people who are passionate for their startups.

I spend sometime every day reading articles, blogs and documentations about coding, design, startups and entrepreneurship. I like to learn new things, new technologies and love to work on them in production level.

Technologies which i have used to build projects are as follows:



  • 501ThingsToDo - Curated list of places http://501thingstodo.com/
  • TwoDaysOfCode - This small app is work in progress. It is just an experiment where you can post a project and a team of developers will complete it. http://twodaysofcode.com/
  • Gruppo.io - A nice litte app for searching facebook group posts and chatting which opens only for 2 hours. http://gruppo.io/

PHP / WordPress


  • Gruppo - Backend of gruppo is written in NodeJs. Also the fetcher which fetches facebook's group posts using graph api is also coded in nodejs.
  • IIN Mobile App - REST API Server is coded in nodeJS.
  • Digital India - REST API Server is coded in nodeJS.


  • Sendhappiness is using redis but not heavily, i am working on it and will make the whole data served by redis only.


  • For gruppo.io i am fetching all the posts from facebook and saving them in elasticsearch. It is designed in such a way that it can handle any number of facebook groups.


  • Using this in all of the PHP / WordPress projects.


  • Every project is being served by nginx.

Ionicframework - Hybrid mobile app framework



Open Source Projects

Enough about me, lets have a chat on Twitter or Facebook